Even if you are in a bad situation, you still have rights.

Avoid Losing Your Home Through A Loan Modification

Facing foreclosure can be a distressing experience, but you are not without options. I am attorney Jack Malicki, and for nearly two decades, I have protected the rights of my clients in Elyria and throughout the Cleveland area. My robust understanding of your rights and the laws that defend them is the foundation of my practice.

With a background in corporate finance, I bring a unique perspective that benefits those I represent, ensuring I am well-equipped to challenge and negotiate with financial institutions on your behalf. I choose to work with a limited client roster, which means I can promise you consistent communication and a streamlined legal process – two areas where other attorneys often fall short.

Why A Loan Modification May Be The Better Option For You

Loan modification is the restructuring of your mortgage terms to make payments more manageable when you are facing financial hardship or foreclosure actions. Unlike refinancing, which replaces your existing mortgage with a new one, loan modification adjusts the terms of your current loan. This can be a lifeline if you are at risk of foreclosure.

Eligibility for loan modification typically requires demonstrating a financial need and the ability to keep up with modified payments. Loan modification can be a viable alternative to foreclosure, offering a path to keep your home and regain financial stability.

When considering loan modification, there are different types of adjustments, including:

  • Interest Rate Reduction: Lowering the interest rate to decrease monthly payments.
  • Structural Changes: Converting from an adjustable-rate to a fixed-rate mortgage.
  • Term Changes: Extending the length of the mortgage to reduce payments.
  • Principal Forbearance: Temporarily reducing or suspending payments on part of the loan principal.

At The Law Office of Jack Malicki, LLC, I understand the complexities of loan modification and am dedicated to guiding you through every step. Working with an experienced lawyer is crucial to protecting your rights and ensuring that the terms are fair and sustainable.

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